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Semi Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows


Why do I need this?

Eyebrows shape your whole face and can make a big difference to your confidence and how youthful you look. Some people need small adjustments to fill in gaps and others need more work if they hardly have any brows at all or if they are very uneven. It saves time not having to pencil them on in the morning, they don't come off in the pool on holiday and don't sweat off during exercise!


Who is it for?

Most ages and skin types are able to have a procedure to enhance their eyebrows. A consultation will be given to determine whether microblading, shading, ombre or a combination of both is better for you.

I have very fair hair, will my eyebrows be too dark?

Being fair skinned and naturally blonde myself, I understand how scary it can be to think of having something like this done. You will not end up with blocky, bold, black eyebrows! I tailor make every set for each individual and have a wide range of colours to make them as natural as possible.

What happens during the treatment?

Firstly the shape of your brows are measured and drawn on with pencil according to your facial proportions. Once you are happy with the shape, the correct pigment will be chosen according to your natural hair and eyebrow colour.


With microblading, individual hair strokes are made into the skin using a small blade to create a very natural looking brow . With shading, a machine is used to implant tiny dots of pigment into the skin to create a more filled in powdery look. Once one eyebrow is completed (the first ‘pass’), the anaesthetic is put on to numb the skin. The procedure is repeated with the other brow. This is repeated 2-4 times depending on how the pigment is absorbed but it will be almost completely painless due to the anaesthetic.

What do I do afterwards?

The correct aftercare MUST be followed to get the best results for your new eyebrows. Depending on skin condition, a change in the intensity may be possible and more than one treatment may be needed. A top up treatment 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment is included in the price. Sweating, swimming, wearing makeup and going in the sun is not recommended for at least 2 weeks as they heal. I will explain the aftercare thoroughly in the consultation and treatment.

Why do I need a top up?

As the brows heal over a couple of weeks, they can fade a bit or go patchy or you can loose some strokes. This can be completely accidental on your part and while our brows are never exactly the same, I want yours to be as perfect as possible. This is why I always include a top up with my treatments.

Does it hurt?

Some people barely feel it and others find it more painful. The uncomfortableness of the treatment only lasts for 5-10 minutes and then I am able to numb the skin to make it almost completely painless while I continue. But a little bit of pain is totally worth it to have amazing eyebrows at the end that don't rub off!

How long do they last?

This depends on skin type, your age, medications and how well you take care of them. Shaded brows tend to last longer a bit longer than microblading but you usually wouldn't need a colour boost for at least a year. After this time, or when you need to start pencilling them in again, contact me for colour boost details.  

How much does it cost?

Microblading is £240

Fusion Brows (combination of Shading and Microblading) is £265


Colour Boosts

These are half the price you originally paid and for one procedure 

as long as there is still some shape and colour

left from the original treatment. 

As colour fades differently for each person, I don't set a time limit to this although most colour boosts are needed around 12-18 months. Any additional top ups needed within 8 weeks of a colour boost are £50.

Payment plans are available if you wish.

£150 on your first treatment 

Remainder on your top up

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