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The Butterfly Beauty Room

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Eve Taylor OBE established the brand in London in 1963 and over the last 50 years has developed the products from aromatic and botanical, to up-to-the minute, active and stronger ingredients too. They have never sold to online shops or retail stores, keeping the brand exclusive and it is increasingly becoming the number one choice for professionals. Her clinical aromatherapy techniques are taught extensively throughout the world.
Only 100% organic essential oils are used and are sustainably sourced.  Because there are no artificial fragrances, they don't have 'fake scent'. For example products with Vitamin C do not smell like oranges (Vit C has no scent!) and those with pineapple and papaya enzymes, don't smell like fruit (the enzymes have no fragrance!). The ingredients are purely there to do their job and nothing that isn't essential is included.
All the packaging is environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable. By choosing to keep the packaging and design simple, means the pricing can remain affordable. All the skincare is researched and manufactured in the UK.
I have used many different brands over 20years working in various salons and spas. Now I work for myself, I get to choose the best products to use in treatments and that I am happy to use on my own (and my family and client's) skin.
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