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The Butterfly Beauty Room


Frankincense, Amber & Cedarwood                            1 available
Wild Fig and Grape                                                     1 available
Fruit Crush (Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemongrass)   1 available
Inspiration (Neroli, orange, Rosemary)                        Pre-order
Relax (Geranium, Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang         Pre-order 
Exotic (Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Lime               Pre-order
Solace (White Tea, Orange, Wisteria)                           Pre-order
Dream (White Jasmine)                                               Pre-order
Ylang Ylang (non-massage)                                         Pre-order
Orange and Clove (non massage)                                Pre-order
Aroma Wax Massage Candles
Luxury Soy based aromatherapy candles infused with 100% organic essential oils.
Not only do they fill the room with a beautiful aromatic scent, you can scoop out some melted wax from the side of the glass and massage into the skin. Soy is abundant in amino acids and nourishes all skins. Rapeseed oil is a rich source of Omega 3 and 6 to nurture all skin conditions, especially dry and ageing.
Can also be used as an overnight hair mask.
£13.80 each
Also available in 3 wick candles £27.98
(Relax, Inspiration, Exotic, Wild Fig and Grape)
Natural Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser
A natural reed diffuser to fill your environment with the aromatic scent of essential oils.
Available in 
Relax, Inspiration, Exotic, Wild Fig and Grape,
Ginger Snap, Solace and Dream
(See Candles for scent description)
Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Diffuser 

A compact but powerful ultrasonic diffuser designed to infuse your environment with the amazing aromas of the Eve Taylor Diffuser Blends.

Take the cap of the main body, fill with water and add 4-6 drops of your Eve Taylor Diffuser blend of choice or essential oil, and replace cap as the original way.

Press down the light switch at the back of the unit to choose high white light, low white light, high red light, low red light, high green light, low green light, high blue light, low blue light or no light. Press button to the side and select mist operation time (4 levels - 30/60/120/180 minutes).

Choose from our range of 11 Eve Taylor Diffuser blends (sold seperately) and create the mood for your living or working area.


Size: 80x140mm (excluding the extruding part)

Weight: Approx 220g (not including AC adaptor)

Power supply: Comes with AC adaptor

Cable length: 170cm

(2 available)
Diffuser Blends (or Oil Burner) 10ml
£9.07 - Good Morning - Create that wide-awake feeling' to kick start the day. The stimulating vibrance of French Basil and the high spirited fragrance of fresh Mexican Lime, coupled with the light easy breathe benefits of Tunisian Rosemary and the energizing effect of Spearmint awaken the senses in preparation for the day. 1 Available
£9.60 - Sleep Well Rest in the dusky aroma of Morrocan Cedarwood and sweet Brazilian orange, as you gently drift into calm comfortable stillness. The freshness of high altitude lavender and the unmistakable benefits of Valerian root, soothe your breathing, your body and your mind into a peace and restful slumber.  Pre-order
£8.94 - Inspiration - A rich blend of French Basil with a hint Clary sage, to stimulate and inspire those moments of study or reflection. Fortify concentration of mind with the clear and revitalising combination of Tunisian Rosemary and Lemon from southern Italy.  Pre-order
£7.92 - Relax - The warm earthy aromas of Egyptian Geranium, sweetened by the richness of Indonesian Patchouli, gently unwind the senses.  The hint of ripened Italian Mandarin, permeates through the subtle smoothness of Bulgarian Lavender, lifting daily body stress and tension.  Pre-order
£8.88 - Recharge - Energies the body, fortify the mind, animate the senses. The unmistakable freshness of Cypress from the mountains of France, and the clean green crisp aroma of Galbanum, reviving the senses. Indian Lemongrass and North American Peppermint, revitalize and invigorate the body, fortifying energies of mind & body. Pre-order
£8.16 - Festivity - A seasonal bouquet full of seasonal cheer. Warm spiced aromas of Pimentberry from the West Indies. The rich inviting vanilla aromas of Benzoin from Siam, are embraced in a festive soiree by a hint of Italian Bergamot, and gently lifted through the subtle fruity undertones of Tangerine. 2 Available
£11.16- Mother and Baby - Experience the quiet stillness of soothing Chamomile and Lavender gently comforting baby. A light citral aroma of Melissa, and the richness of Rosewood, balance and cool the air.  1 Available
£9.96 - Winter -Tunisian Rosemary and Eucalyptus, have a clearing and cooling effect, whilst the benefits of French alpine Lavender soothe and Ravansara, enhances the blend with reinforcing a warm crispness. Madagascan Palma Rosa adds a note of greenery, clearing the mind and stimulating the senses.  Pre-order
£9.60 - Summer - Bask in the summer freshness of Chinese Geranium and Eucalyptus from Australia. Reminiscent of trees and flowers, French Lavender and woody Alpine Cypress, provide a vibrant and cooling breeze through the summer air. A versatile blend to clear and freshen.  Ideal where poor air quality exists.   Pre-order
£13.42-Hug in a Bottle - For when you need to be pampered. A rich exotic blend of East Indian Sandalwood and  Brazilian Rosewood, to comfort your feelings with the uncompromising luxury of Damask Rose, gently soothes the senses and helps the burdens of the day to gently ebb away.   Pre-order
£9.90 - Romance - Arouse the senses with the passionate embrace of sensual sweetness, Indonesian Patchouli and exotic Ylang Ylang, evoke and inspire the emotions. The imaginations are stimulated with the light crisp notes of Mexican Lime, with the wildly passionate aroma of Damiana. Pre-order
Winter Duo
Winter Gel and Diffuser (or oil burner) Blend.
The ideal gel solution to apply to your chest for winter chills and ills, summer colds or plane flights. Tunisian Rosemary and minty Eucalyptus have a clearing and cooling effect, whilst French alpine Lavender soothe and comfort. Ravansara offers anti-septic, anti-bacterial properties and enhances with a warm crispness. Madagascan Palmarosa adds a note of greenery, clearing the mind and stimulating the senses. Apply Before bed to help breathing or as and when needed.
(3 available)
Gel available separately for £7.44
Comfort Duo
Comfort Gel and Hug in a Bottle
Diffuser (or oil burner) Blend.
For times of emotional distress, low mood, despair, bereavement or just when you need to be comforted. A rich exotic blend of East Indian Sandalwood and moist Brazilian Rosewood, comfort your feelings and hush your mind, whilst the uncompromising luxury of Damask Rose, gently soothes the senses and allows the burdens and emotional frustrations of the day to gently ebb away. Rub over chest as needed.
Gel available separately for £8.50
Sleepwell Duo
Sleepwell Gel and Diffuser (or oil burner) Blend.
Recline in peaceful tranquility and get a good nights sleep. Rest in the dusky aroma of Morrocan Cedarwood and sweet Brazilian orange, as you gently drift into calm comfortable stillness. The freshness of high altitued lavender and the unmistakable benefits of Valerian root, soothe and transpose your breathing, your body and your mind into a peace and restful slumber.
Apply to chest before bed.
Gel available separately for £8.45
Conditioning Hand Set
A soap free hand wash with exotic essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Lemongrass to invigorate the senses and offer deep cleansing benefits to gently remove skin impurities. 100ml
A lightweight, Hand and Nail Rescue Cream with built in UV protection. SPF 20. Guards against sun-induced pigmentation. Rosewood and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and protect the skin's barriers. 100ml
Anti-Stress Body Set
The light citrus aroma of sweet orange and mandarin coupled with a fragrant hint of French lavender creates a soothing and relaxing effect to a tired body in this multi-use aromatherapy bath oil and massage blend 100ml
A cleansing stress relief body wash to leave the skin super clean, moisturised and body relaxed. With sweet orange, mandarin and French lavender 100ml

Seal and Protect

Moisturising Lip Balm SPF10

(all skin types)

An emollient lip protector with broad spectrum sunscreens to soften and soothe the skin of the lips keeping them supple and hydrated.


TOP TIP: Can be used around the nose if sore from colds/flu or as a cuticle butter. For increased hydration on sore, chapped lips, apply Hydrating Serum first. 


(2 available)


Safe to use during pregnancy

Not Vegan Friendly - beeswax

Gift Wrapping
Tissue Paper, Box and Ribbon

Facial Cleansing Brush


(all skin types)


This soft, pliable brush is the perfect partner for all Eve Taylor cleansers to ensure a thorough cleanse. Made from 100% sustainable rubber this long lasting brush is gentle enough for a skin prone to sensitivity. A time-honoured design created by Eve herself in the 60's. Glides smoothly over the skin increasing circulation to aid cellular nourishment.


TOP TIP: Also great for pre-shaving to lift hairs. Clean with hot running water and occasionally deep clean by soaking in hot water or top shelf of dishwasher.


(3 Available)

Safe to use during pregnancy

Vegan Friendly

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