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Having 22 years of experience in a huge variety of skincare and facials, I only use treatments and products that I know give great results. I tailor each facial to your exact specifications and treat the skin to what it needs on the day because pollution, hormones, stress, seasons can all affect our skin differently month by month. If you are not sure which facial is best, we can decide together after a consultation on the day or over the phone. I also mix and match the facials below if needed, as different areas of the face might have different concerns.

Icon Ultralift Non-Surgical Treatments


Icon Ultralift is specifically designed to restore muscle tone and  enhance the skin's texture.


Similar to CACI, it uses faradic and galvanic electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles, 

reminding them where they should be.


It pushes active ingredients into the dermal layers of the skin to restore a youthful glow, improve circulation and eliminate toxins for long lasting results.

There is a visible difference after one treatment but like going to the gym, a course of sessions is best to achieve the optimum lift and tone.

(Payment plans available, please ask)

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Eve Taylor Facials

Around since the 60's, Eve Taylor products are professional, affordable, proven, and work into the deeper layers of the skin. Never tested on animals and mostly vegan, they are only sold and used by trained and qualified therapists, due to the high activity of ingredients. Because of this, they are exclusive and you won't find them in high-street or online shops such as amazon. These facials deliver amazing results after just one treatment.