Beauty and Holistic


Define and enhance your eyes 
Patch tests required a minimum of 24 hrs before tinting and lifting.

Eyebrow Shape and Wax £8
Eyebrow Tint £8
Eyelash Tint £14
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint £16
Eyebrow Wax and Tint £14
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint and Wax £20



(add a brow tint/wax for an extra £5)

Lasts for 4 weeks. Lifts, curls and darkens your natural lashes so there's no need for mascara if you don't want to wear it. Ideal for holidays, going to the gym or just to enhance and brighten your eyes.

I use Perron Rigot's roller and hot wax for quick, easy and
hygienic removal of all hair types.

Half Leg £14
Full Leg £20
Bikini £15
High Bikini/Thong £18
Brazilian £25
Hollywood £25
Half Leg and Bikini £23
Full Leg and Bikini £28
Half Leg and Brazilian £35
Full Leg and Brazilian £40
Eyebrow £8
Lip or Chin £5
Lip and Chin £8
Lip, Chin and Eyebrow £15
Sides of Face £10
Underarm £10
Forearm £15
Bikini and Underarm £20
Brazillian and Underarm £30
Back or Chest From £25
Back and Chest from £40
(Please ask for discounts on other combinations) 


With OPI products, colours and Gel Polish

Gel File and Polish £17


Classic Gel Manicure £22
Shape, cuticles, moisturise and polish


Luxury Gel Manicure £27
Shape, cuticles, exfoliate, mask, hot towels, massage, polish


Classic Gel Pedicure £25
Shape, cuticle work, hard skin, moisturise and polish


Luxury Gel Pedicure £30
File, cuticles, exfoliation, hard skin, mask, hot towels, massage, polish

Take off £5 for normal polish

Rejuvenate, Hydrate and Relax with luxurious Neal's Yard Organic skincare and Elemis products. 
I tailor-make every facial to individual needs. Each one includes a combination of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, massage, masks and moisturising.


Quick Fix Facial  £22

A fabulous mini facial that leaves your skin fresh and glowing
30 minutes


Beautiful Boost Facial £25
Tailored to specific concerns, whether your skin is
dry, dull, congested or just in need of a bit of TLC.
45 minutes


Ultimate Indulgence Facial £30
A powerful facial to plump, deep cleanse and smooth your skin. 
Combats the stresses of day to day life to leave your skin radiant and rejuvenated.
Includes a hand and arm, neck and scalp massage.
1 hour


Microdermabrasion £30
A machine based facial to deep exfoliate and smooth the skin. 
Great for fine lines, pigmentation, scars, large pores and dull skin.    
45 minutes

Holistic Healing Therapies are based on balancing our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Holistic is the Greek word for ‘holos’ which means ‘whole’ and this is how I aim to treat each person, completely, mind, body and soul.

Unwind, destress and revive.

Tame that tension!


Back Massage £25
A firm back, neck and shoulder massage using aromatherapy oils blended to your needs.
30 minutes


Full Body Massage £35
A firm full body massage using aromatherapy oils blended to your needs.
1 hour


The warmth from the stones creates a feeling of deeper relaxation. As the heat penetrates further into the muscles, this allows an easier manipulation of the muscles. It also helps to open the body’s meridians (energy pathways).


45 minutes


1 hour 15 minutes



A deeply relaxing treatment for mental, emotional and physical well being. A combination of massage, aura cleansing, meditation, crystals, energy healing and Native American techniques such as drumming and smudging. 

First the room and you are cleansed using the Native American tradition of sage smudging. This removes any negativity clinging to your aura that has collected from you or other people. A head or back massage is given to aid relaxation. When the mind is relaxed, the treatment has a much stronger effect. Crystals are placed on and around the body depending on previously discussed needs to ground, energise or heal and the chakras are balanced returning the body’s natural energy centres to wellness. The treatment is finished with a meditation and visualisation to complete the feeling of calmness, serenity and balance.

Native American drumming can also be used to raise energy levels and increase the cleansing and clearing of blocked energy points.


A full consultation will be given over the phone or email so I can plan the treatment prior to seeing you. 

1 hour


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