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I am delighted to be a finalist in the English Hair and Beauty Awards 2020 for my Microblading. I'm in the final 10 for the south of England.

Dr Karen Hall, a GP and Dermatologist is now available for line reducing injections, fillers, peels, microneedling and free consultations for any aesthetic questions. See facebook or message me for next clinic dates.  

Still you..... just renewed

People ask ‘why Butterflies?’ It used to be to do with the obvious transformation idea. Then someone said ‘well what’s wrong with being the caterpillar?’ Well, nothing at all!!

We all have ‘caterpillar days’ where we rush along as our everyday selves, or content to eat our own body weight in food or looking to that time in the future thinking ‘I will look better when..... I get my brows shaped properly/ have regular facials/ get my nails done more often etc. Like the little caterpillar looking forward to being a butterfly.

Or when we want to cocoon ourselves away, wear no makeup and be cosy or when we feel a bit dull or needing a change.

There’s nothing wrong with those days. We all have them. But my job (which I love) is to give you more of those ‘Butterfly Days’ Where you feel that little bit better about yourself, those days when you look in the mirror and love what you see, feeling a bit more glam, giving you some extra sparkle or an inner glow.

The caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly are all the same being. I want you to leave here the same amazing you, just renewed! Relaxed enough to fly up and rise above the everyday stresses.

But, if it’s a complete transformation that you’re after, then I can do that too!

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